What Is Biodiesel Fuel?

So what is biodiesel fuel? In simple words, it is a natural and renewable domestic fuel made from vegetable oils, mostly soy and corn. It holds no petroleum, is biodegradable and nontoxic. It is viewed as an alternative for diesel engines. Moving on with the explanation of biodiesel fuel, technically, it refers to a vegetable oil- or animal fat-based diesel fuel which comprises of long-chain alkyl esters and is typically made by reacting lipids with an alcohol chemically.images

Offering more info about biodiesel fuel, it is meant to be used in standard diesel engines. What is interesting about biodiesel fuel is that it can be used alone, or mixed with petrodiesel. The National Biodiesel Board (USA) also has a technical meaning of biodiesel as a mono-alkyl ester.

As Biodiesel burns clean, this means there will be a major reduction an all types of pollutants adding to smog and global warming. It is the only alternate fuel which has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Getting further with the explanation of biodiesel fuel, it is a clean burning alternative fuel from 100% renewable resources. Most people believe Biodiesel to be the fuel of the future. Also known as Biofuel, it does not contain petroleum. But can be blended with petroleum to produce a biodiesel blend which is then used in many different vehicles. Pure biodiesel fuel, can only be used in diesel engines. It is biodegradable and non-toxic, thus making it completely safe