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By Jayden Raine

Ultimately, a concise consultant to the commonest and uncomplicated arguments opposed to Christians and the Bible and of their many types. Apologists, atheists, agnostics, pagans, and witches, do that e-book if you'd like to enhance your good judgment and examine the reality.

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How often do scientists go about saying that something is true or false or exists or doesn't because there is no evidence? The only time it is often is when they are defending evolution, attacking the Bible, or trying to promote some theory, especially for profit or self glorification. b) If scientists do not consider that an absence of evidence is not evidence then they are not be qualified to be scientists. c) Even if scientists did not consider than an absence of evidence is not evidence, that would not mean that an absence of evidence is evidence of anything true or false.

And those are the things in the Bible that matter the most. c) Even if it were impossible to know which of the variations were God's word, that wouldn't mean that all the copies of the Bible are corrupt as a result of our not being able to figure it. And this is true for any book or record in the world. 43 d) God never said that he would prevent all copies or even translations of the Bible from being imperfect. If he did then for sure there would be no doubt that he existed if a person's hand always came under his control whenever trying to copy or translate some part of the Bible.

And they teach that that is wrong, then they themselves are wrong to teach that. It is not wrong to force someone to listen to you in and of itself or because someone or a group of people said so. Teachers in public and private schools, parents, policemen, and judges often try to force people (of nearly every age, using threats and punishment) to hear or to listen to what they don't want to hear or listen to, and they are often successful at getting them to listen (not that they have the power to open ears and eyes, or change hearts and minds, only God does).

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