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By Ash Law

An Age of Wizardy has arrived!

Magic is in every single place. no matter if it’s a hidden energy wielded through a mystery few or the power that powers a whole realm, magic is an important a part of any delusion global. And now its secrets and techniques are yours!

Deep Magic: thirteenth Age suitable variation is for thirteenth Age avid gamers who wish new thoughts that let them to bend truth to their wills and practice mind-blowing feats of sword and sorcery.

Designer ASH legislation (also the clothier of the Midgard Bestiary: thirteenth Age appropriate variation) brings an superb number of new magic ideas to the sport, including:

• 555 wizard spells starting from shrewdpermanent tips to summoning the realm Serpent itself to wreak havoc
• four new type abilities that positioned wizard spells in the snatch of each class—play an arcane ranger, a spirit-calling barbarian, a time-warping commander or face-stealing trickster druid
• 30 new colleges of magic together with the Cult of Ouroboros, the purple Inquisition and the students of dirt, with directions for developing your personal magical tradition
• five magical crusade ideas: post-apocalyptic vril magic, the mysteries of the ley strains, a class-warfare arcanopunk crusade alternative, and more!

For GMs searching for new fabric, or avid gamers searching for personality customization thoughts, this huge tome is the ebook you’ve been dreaming of.

Dive into Deep Magic this day!

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5th level spell 28 damage (+ 2d12 if the target is flying). 7th level spell 40 damage (+ 2d20 if the target is flying). 9th level spell 80 damage (+ 4d20 if the target is flying). CLEANSING RAY Ranged spell At-Will Target: 1d4 nearby or far away plant or ooze creatures in a group Attack vs: Automatic hit Hit: 2d4 negative energy damage split between targets hit. Special: If you target an area instead of creatures, the ray destroys a large patch of non-creature fungus, mold, or slime, and disinfects unattended, non-magical objects.

The effect lasts for 1 hour. Miss: The target might hum a ditty under its breath for a few minutes, but otherwise there is no effect. 5th level spell The bonus rises to +2. 9th level spell The bonus rises to +4. Adventurer Feat: You can spread the effect wider, targeting 1d4 creatures in a group. Champion Feat: You can manifest spontaneous lighting, illusory costume changes, and backing music for when you sing. You can apply the bonus granted by the spell to your musical performances. Epic Feat: You can use the spell to cause spontaneous outbreaks of coordinated singing and dancing.

Epic Feat: When you cast this spell on an ally you gain +1 MD until the end of the battle. Close-quarters spell At-Will Standard action to cast, and a quick action each subsequent turn to maintain the effect. Target: 1d3 nearby enemies of your level or lower Effect: You transform yourself into a horrifying vision of death, crawling with maggots and rotting away, exuding the stench of the grave. Your presence becomes mighty, vile, and terrifying to creatures nearby. Attack vs: MD Hit: The enemy pops free and must move away from you on its next turn or take damage equal to your level.

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