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By Vic DiCara

Over a decade of committed study! Over a 12 months of writing and enhancing! With the benefits and assistance of a swami , a babaji, and a Sanskrit student, Vic DiCara offers you the world's so much definitive, basic and entirely impressive rationalization of the mythology and that means in the 27 stars of historic Indian astrology!

If you're an astrologer or keen on astrology, you may be remodeled by way of Vic's appreciably transparent and simple motives of Sanskrit, Vedic mythology, and mastery of intuitive symbolism.

If you're a lover of India and her tradition, you'll take pleasure in those deep revelations and infrequent expositions of well-known gods like Vishnu, not-so-familiar gods like Varuna, and approximately forgotten gods like Ajaikapat.

If you're a religious seeker, you'll find the starting place of the universe, the that means of existence, and crucial clues within the everlasting quest for the "fountain of youth."

The a hundred and sixty pages of this booklet are abundantly replete with distinct references and footnotes to meet the students between you. The e-book is dripping with dramatic storytelling, full of philosophy as transparent and deep as a Himalayan lake, and accurately offers the superbly beneficial astrological symbolism of the divine stars.


"Vic DiCara's exploration and definitive learn at the lunar mansions brings the primordial zodiac alive with the wealthy symbolism and sacred tales of Indian lore. we frequently fail to remember that the foundation of Vedic astrology will continually be the paranormal mythology linked to Jyotish, the technology of sunshine. Mr. DiCara's marvelous textual content illuminates our direction domestic to the divine via his deep knowing and the advantages of the gods and goddesses of old India"

- Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D.
Psychologist, author and Vedic Astrologer

"27 Stars, 27 Gods is a superbly deep e-book concerning the mounted stars of Vedic astrology. it truly is good written and good researched, and is a transparent and relaxing learn! I hugely suggest it for everybody from astrologers to yogis and everybody in between."

- Juliana Swanson, RN
ACVA instructor, Jyotish Visharada & Kovid

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Declared Brahmā. ” Rudra and his wife Rudrānī then took separate forms. ” declared Brahmā. Then, Rudra and Rudrāṇī each split into eleven forms of themselves. ” declared Brahmā. So they did; Fierce, angry, howling creatures of fire, storm, and destruction they created by the thousands. 12. 37 Seeing this Brahmā cried, “Dear children, please stop! Destruction must be balanced, measured and contained. It cannot proliferate without limit. Instead of creating more inauspicious beings, go now and meditate upon Godhead.

And that’s why it’s complicated. We can’t really be morally strong without understanding moral relativity: knowing how to apply a moral principle in many different circumstances. This requires serious contemplation, reflection, and depth. Bṛhaspati is facilitates all these things: contemplation, meditation, prayer; and by doing so he strengthens real morality, and thus causes us to be more victorious and prosperous. Through Puṣya, Bṛhaspati empowers human beings to commune with deeper principles.

Charity is good, up to a point! ” Bali thought about this deeply for a few moments. ’ Truthfulness is the soul of morality, without which there can be no good fortune. ” Śukra was infuriated. “You think you know morality better than I do!? So be it, then! ” Śukra then disappeared. Bali did not mind this in the least. He very happily worshipped the young spiritualist with all respect and offered him to take the land he desired. Vāmana then began to grow to huge proportions, revealing that he was all-pervading Viṣṇu.

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