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Aimed toward people who are drawn to spirituality. This publication employs the definition of spirituality - the non-physical features of life and attracts on many of the world's nice spiritual, philosophical and religious traditions. It is helping readers to appreciate what 'spirituality' skill and the way it differs from faith. This ebook is aimed toward anyone and everyone who's attracted to spirituality - often, and their very own particularly. It employs the widest attainable definition of spirituality - the non-physical features of life and attracts on many of the world's nice non secular, philosophical and religious traditions. It emphasises the ninety in line with cent on which all can agree. sensible spirituality is ready self-knowledge, self-empowerment and looking for peace and contentment in a probably imperfect international. via a mix of insights, anecdotes, quotations, and useful actions, this booklet may help readers to appreciate what 'spirituality' capability and the way it differs from faith. writer BIOG: David Lawrence Preston is a number one authority within the region of non-public and religious improvement, dependent within the united kingdom. He is helping humans to remodel their lives via his books, one to 1 existence training classes, talks and workshops, classes and audio CDs. His is the writer of 365 Steps to Self-Confidence and 365 how you can be your individual existence trainer.

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31 What More Could I Have Done? The river had burst its banks and flooded the town. The family had little choice but to move upstairs. That morning, they heard a voice. They looked out of the bedroom window. ’ ‘Thank you,’ said the parents, ‘but that’s alright. ’ The boat moved on. The flood waters continued to rise and had almost reached the window when a motor launch appeared. ’ ‘That’s OK,’ said the parents, ‘but we trust in God. ’ The launch left, and the waters continued to rise. The family was climbed onto the roof.

Your body is one part of who you are. Important – but only a part. If this is all you think you are, you are like an actress thinking she is the costume. ’ 49 Who or What Dwells Within This Body? Try this exercise. Sit or lie down comfortably, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and relax. When the mind and body are quiet and still, ask your inner self: 47 365 STEPS TO PRACTICAL SPIRITUALITY ± Who am I? ± Who is this being that dwells within this body? Ask slowly, concentrate and be patient.

Some know you when calm, others when you are angry or stressed. Meanwhile, your deepest sense of ‘I’ stays constant and remains intact. The real you is to be found inside. What others think of you – your reputation – is outside, in their minds. Your reputation is not of your making and is beyond your control. How can this be who you are? 52 Are You a Mind? To answer this question, we first need to understand what we mean by ‘mind’. Is it not just another word for ‘brain’? No. The mind is not a physical object, it’s an activity – a collection of memories and thoughts.

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