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By Susan Rennie, Sally Miller Gearhart

In 1976 A Feminist Tarot turned the 1st book of the newly-launched lesbian-feminist press in Watertown, Massachusetts, referred to as Persephone Press. From then until eventually 1981 whilst Persephone ceased booklet, it went via 4 variations. Alyson guides (of Boston, and extra lately of l. a.) has shepherded the publication via extra versions (1981 and the current 1997 variation) as well as its Dutch translation released in 1985 through Uitgeverij Ankh-Hermes bv, Deventer. not like the explosion of women’s Tarot decks and interpretations of the 1980’s and 90’s, A Feminist Tarot makes use of the pictures of the normal Waite Tarot deck, providing and unveiling them from the viewpoint of cultural feminist suggestion. It casts an accelerated interpretation upon every one card of the main and Minor Arcana, delivering either upright and reversed meanings, and a precis of conventional meanings in addition. It features a historical past of and a statement upon the Tarot itself, illustrated lay-outs and customary makes use of of the Tarot, in addition to a quick bibliography.

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Coincidence. All the querent can do is be aware, try to understand what is happening, and roll with the punches. The card can also suggest change in general rather than forces entirely outside the querent’s control. Thus her own actions may become operative factors that determine or help to determine the turning of the wheel; she will receive the rewards of her labors, the fruits of her former deeds. She will reap what she sows. The quaternary signs of the bull, lion, eagle, and angel (symbols of earth, fire, air, and water) represent the psychological functions of feeling, 30 The Major Arcana intellection, emotion, and intuition.

Traditional meaning: The triumph of love over hate. The courage of convictions. Reconciliation with an enemy. The defeat of base impulses. Reversed: ALIENATION Discord, strife with nature and materiality. Even cruelty to or neglect of animals or particular animal friends. Not enough attention to surroundings, to little things. Disjointed attempts to conquer material or animal worlds. A lack of relatedness to nature or to people, thus allowing the objectification of them, perhaps even their victimization.

Traditional meaning: Fairness, reasonableness. The card can be positive or negative depending on the moral position of the querent. Balance is required. Reversed: IMBALANCE Some injustice, inequity, or complication in a legal matter; perhaps bureaucratic red tape fouls up some process. Perhaps a period of social injustices that outrage the human spirit. Sometimes the unbalanced presence of male energy. Some threat may soon emerge from “male” places (lodges, armies, fraternal orders, government, churches).

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