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2b). 71 D, with the negative end situated on the O-atom. 75 D. The small dipole moment of furan confirms that one electron pair of the O-atom is included in the conjugated system and therefore delocalized.

Oxirenes are thermally very labile. They were postulated as intermediates in some reactions. However, oxirane, the saturated three-membered heterocycle with one oxygen, is of great importance. 1 Oxirane Oxiranes are also known as epoxides. Microwave spectra as well as electron diffraction studies show that the oxirane ring is close to being an equilateral triangle (see Fig. la). 6 HOMO W W X V LUMO b) Fig. 1 Structure of oxirane (a) Bond lengths in pm, bond angles in degrees (b) Model for the bonding MO The strain enthalpy was found to be 114 kJ mol"1.

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