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The resulting characteristics of the propeller show the slight decrease of the propeller thrust due to the yaw angle up to the angle of 10 degrees. For the angle of 30 degrees, the thrust reduction reached approximately 10%. 3 Main developments (1960s) The main developments in the experimental research on whirl flutter were accomplished in the early 1960s in direct connection with the Electras accidents. The experiments are divided into two main categories. In the first category are simple tests on the models of the flexibly attached propeller in the windmilling mode.

The hinge points were adjustable as well. 3. Regarding the pitch and yaw stiffness ratio, the model was close to unity. 4 as the dependence of the required stiffness on the dynamic pressure. The complex investigations were conducted by Bland and Bennett [5] in NASA Langley wind tunnel. They were investigating the aerodynamic forces on the propeller – nacelle model and measured the whirl flutter characteristics. The propeller rotating in the windmilling mode was attached by the shaft through a hinge allowing pitch and yaw with adjustable flexibilities.

First, the starboard nacelle tore away and rammed into the horizontal tail. Consequently, the outer part of the starboard wing was torn away, the aircraft started to pitch and roll and finally fell into the ocean upside down. Several parts of the wreckage were recovered; unfortunately the black boxes were not found. In addition to the other things the investigators used to explain the causes and the course of the events, the voice record from the cabin was used. This record contained acoustic signals indicating the late stage of growing fatigue cracks and the subsequent structural destruction [5].

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