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By Antonio L. Sapienza

Greater than a hundred and fifty by no means earlier than released illustrations, complimented by means of an exhaustively researched textual content, record the little-known air battle among Bolivia and Paraguay through the overdue Twenties and early Thirties. complete info of such airplane as Fiat C.R. 20s, Curtiss Hawk IIs, Curtiss Ospreys, Potez 25s and all different kinds hired through either opponents, together with acquisition, operations, and markings make this a needs to for historians, modelers, and someone attracted to golden-age aviation.

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Mph. Each F-100 costs almost three times as much as the F-86, roughly $640,000. Called the Voodoo and designed and built by McDonnell Aircraft, 45,000-pound bomber escort-interceptor has a range of 1,500 miles and a speed of 1,100 miles an hour. It also is powered by theJ-57 engine, two of them F-101. this in fact. F-102. the J-57. Convair's "Iron Dart" Even though is a delta- wing interceptor also this flying triangle l'°» powered by weighs 25,000 pounds when fully Poised for take-off on lire-streaked runway, these Convair F-102A interceptors semi already in motion.

F. Canb> mbei ceding et. and night Versatilt interceptors, havt 3,000-milt rangt and "Cranberry" also doubles as photo plane and jet trainer. of more than boo miles an The hour. big jet boat's range depends only on the availability of refueling apparatus. Already possessed of a formidable fleet of submarines that could perform the refueling task, the Navy could assign the SeaMaster to flight duty anywhere in the world. Another Navy experimental plane is the Convair Sea Dart, a water-based fighter that is powered by two Westinghouse J-46 jet engines.

C.. at in half the time it \ takes pist airlinei 620 mph. The Caravelle will carry seventy passengers at a cruising speed of 470 miles an hour at from 35,000 to 40,000 feet. Air France has ordered twelve of these jet liners, and deliverv is expected to begin late in 1958. They will be used on medium-range flights throughout Europe and the Middle East. In the United States, early in the spring of 1955. Col. Robert Scott of the Air Force flew a Republic F-84F Thunderstreak from Los Angeles to New York in just three hours and forty-four minutes.

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