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"Alas, Babylon." these fateful phrases heralded the top. whilst a nuclear holocaust ravages the USA, one thousand years of civilization are stripped away in a single day, and thousands and thousands of individuals are killed immediately. yet for one small city in Florida, miraculously spared, the fight is simply starting, as women and men of all backgrounds subscribe to jointly to confront the darkness.

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Xxxv. 3, c f . , loc. , p. 257. T H E NAMES OP GOD I N T H E B I B L E 258 cf. Gen. 6. 5-7, and others. R. Samuel b. Nahmani deals with these verses in a homily, which says : 4 Woe unto the wicked, for they change the measure of love into a measure of punishment. Blessed are the pious, who change the measure of judgement into that of love ! 53 Secondly, the ‫ אלהים‬in the story of creation must have given rise to many objections The creation is a sign of God's mercy and goodness. For God's glory and man's merit was the world created.

I 80 ; Levy, H. , s . w . ‫ א ק ס י ו ס‬and ‫ ; א י ק נ ו ס‬Ζ. Frankel, Über den Einfluss der paläst. y. and Preuschen-Bauer, QriechDeutsches Wörterbuch ; Glessen, 1926, col. 122 and col. 583, v. also Marmorstein, Miscellm, i n Z/NW, 25, 1926, p. 253 f. 7 A notarikon which shows that the original meaning of the name was lost to the later generations. A teacher of the fourth century, R. Abba b. Kahana, R. Berekhja in his name, remarks that the name of God is Zabaoth. R. Judah b. 9 R. Eleazar b. ' 1 1 The other names, like ‫אד‬, ‫ יה‬and ‫ אל‬were also relegated to the language of prayers and magic, as will be shown in the next chapter.

3 A. 68 ‫ ; נתן ל ו ש ל ו ם והחזיר ו ש ל ו ם‬v. K i n j a n Tora, M. 9, Tractate Derek Erets r. eh. vi. b. Ber. 9 B . 70 v. Rab b. Ber. 14 A, before prayers ; Ulla, b. Sabb. 10 B, in t h e bath ; R. H u n a , b. Ber. 6 B, &C. ‫ן‬ ‫ז‬ ‫ן‬ v. R. Akiba; Cant. 2. 19 ; Gen. r. 45. 5 ; R. Meir, ; ‫ ; ע ל ו ב ה‬Deut. r. 4. 8 ; Cant. r. 4 ; Tanh. B. ii. 80, and other instances. 72 pal. Sabb. 13c ; Hor. 48 c ; Jeb. 12. 3B ; Sachs,Beiträge^ i. 17 ; MGWJ 1885, 481. 40 THE NAMES OF GOD reading of the Scroll and the tithes were not arbitrary or theoretical.

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