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Also prescribed in asthma. Habb-e-Ghaariqoon, a compound drug, is the circulatory system. It prevents build up of flugiven in a dose of 5 to 10 g daily. ids. The Horse Chestnut also improves the tone of Habb-e-Iyarij, a compound Unani drug with blood vessels;veins become more elastic. With the Ghaariqoon as one of the ingredients, is preboost in elasticity, they can contract more strongly (250 to 500 mg daily; 7 to 1 g as a purgascribed and relax better. It is reported to combine well tive) in facial paralysis, epilepsy, melancholia and with other herbs that improve peripheral circulaconstipation.

Leaves are not used as vegetable. Quercetin, gum, resin and a colouring matter The whole plant is applied externally for are reported in the root. The alkaloids found in the inflammations and for allaying irritations. The twigs have also been extracted from the root, but seeds are diuretic and expectorant. the yield is poor. Compound formul ations for bleeding piles are A neutral prot einase, alhagain, has been isoprocessed in the juice of Gandana a leaves. The lated from the dried shrub. 0, reducing sugars piles.

The sap contains estrogen-like isoflavonoids, alkaloids, coumarins and vitamins pro-A, Bi, B2, C, DandK. The root possesses diuretic properties, sap laxative, diuretic, emmenagogue and antiscorbutic. Fresh juice of leaves is used externally for bruises and contusions and for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. , Agave cantala Roxb. equated with Kantala, is naturalised in many parts of India. 34 AILANTHUS Agave sisalana, cultivated in sub-tropical America and Kenya, is a source of hecogenin, used in the manufacturing of corticosteroids.

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