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The Collection of Yellow Grease Is A Commitment to The Environment

Suffolk Bio mobile advanced technology means that we are able to extract yellow grease from food sites with virtually no spillage. After every collection, the area, (and the outside of the container) is cleaned to maintain an absolutely clean and safe working area.

The yellow grease is cleaned at our filtration plant and “finished” so that is can be converted into Federal ASTM standard Biodiesel. Our yellow grease — during its collection, filtration and conversion to Biodiesel Fuel — is always contained.  It never goes into the ground, or into municipal waste sites.  It is used in processes that make the air cleaner for you and your children — and keeps the food chain in balance.

We’ll show you how the collection and processing of your yellow grease can be good news for you business and your community. We’ll show you our sealed containers and introduce you to our monitored scheduling.  You will never have an overflow with suffolk Bio.

Should you have an emergency, the Suffolk Bio Instant Maintenance Team will Respond to any accidental yellow grease spill.

Suffolk Bio employs a team of experts with well above 25 years experience in the environmental and recycling business.